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This website has only three functions, each concerned with promoting interest in music in a small way.

it contains some information about the phenomenon of the "Virtual Pipe Organ".

Second, it reports in detail, how I built my TWO fully-fledged Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organs.

, it features the "My Guitars" page, and includes my old band "The Fenlanders".
Please note: if you were expecting to see the "My Guitars" page here, it has been moved. To see the "My Guitars" page, simply scroll down this page and click on the "My Guitars" link.

1. The Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ

This page contains information on the recent phenomenon of the "Virtual Pipe Organ" as epitomised by the Hauptwerk software.
There are several MP3 files available from the page, which illustrate the use of Virtual Pipe Organs based on the Brindley & Foster organ in St Anne's church Moseley, near Birmingham, in the UK, and on the Cavaille-Coll organ in l'eglise Sainte Madeleine in Paris, France.
I recently published a new book about Hauptwerk. This YouTube video tells you what's in it, and the panel to the right has a link to purchase it.
Visit the Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ page now

2. The Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ building project

This page shows the progress and history of my Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ project.

For OPUS I, built 2008-2012  Visit my First Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Project page
For OPUS II, recently finished Visit my New Organ Project Page

3. Introduction to the Pipe Organ

This page explains a little about the real pipe organ.
Visit the Real Pipe Organ page now

4. A brand new purpose built high quality organ bench for sale

This page shows an organ bench constructed in ash by a highly-skilled wood worker. It has a music store under its bench top, and is adjustable in three positions. And it is for sale, as we hope to kick off a bespoke organ console business with the first sale!
Visit my High Quality Organ Bench page now

5. My Guitars and The FenlanderZ pages

Read and see a bit about my small guitar collection, ranging from an original 1928 Dobro Resonator, to 1960s and later.
This page also has a link to information about my old band,  "The FenlanderZ" (aka "The Fenlanders").
One or two more recent photographs are also on these pages.
Visit the "
My Guitars" and "The FenlanderZ" pages now.

My new book:
"All about Hauptwerk"
is available now from:

All about your ComputerBuy this book on Lulu.

A full explanation of how to setup and use Hauptwerk: keyboards/ pedalboard/  expression pedals/ and controller accessories.
There are designs for a pedalboard and console
Multi-channel audio setup, convolution reverb setup, tuning and temperament are also covered.

My book:
"All about your Computer"
is available now from:
All about your ComputerBuy this book on Lulu.

A full explanation of how your computer works: memory, processor, hard disc, networks, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.
There are chapters on security and safety.
If you are a keen user who wants to know how it works, then this book is for you!

Contact: my_music.site@yahoo.co.uk

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